The Trustees invite applications for a major overseas TWJ Clinical Fellowship in Otology, Neurotology & Skull-base Surgery in 2022


Auckland City Hospital & Starship Children’s Hospital
Auckland, New Zealand

Division of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery

Mr Michel Neeff, Mr Hamish Sillars, and Ms Michelle Wong

Clinical Otology, Neurotology and Skull-base Surgery

12 months commencing 1st July 2022

Auckland City Hospital website          Starship Children’s Hospital website


The Fellowship is open to ENT Specialty Registrars on numbered otolaryngology training programmes in the UK and Republic of Ireland.  Applicants must have passed the Intercollegiate FRCS by the time the Fellowship commences but may be pre- or post-CCT.  The grant takes the form of an educational stipend of £25,000 which is not liable to income tax under current HMRC regulations: this is intended to cover the first 6 months, and the second 6 months is funded at a similar level through Auckland City Hospital.

Applicants for TWJ Major Fellowships should note that the Trustees have no objection to Fellows securing small additional grants or awards to help with e.g. travel and conference expenses during their Fellowship.  However, obtaining a second major Fellowship grant from another source would be unacceptable and liable to lead to withdrawal of the TWJ Fellowship.

Instructions for application are on the Applications page of this website.

The closing date for applications is Monday 5th October 2020 followed by interviews for the shortlisted candidates at the Royal College of Surgeons of England on Monday 14th December 2020.  Interviews will be held jointly with the Graham Fraser Foundation, and candidates are encouraged to apply for both Foundations’ Fellowships.



TWJ Major Fellowships

The TWJ Foundation has partnerships with several host departments where Fellowships are currently planned as follows (but may be subject to change):

2022    Auckland (New Zealand)
2023    Halifax (Canada)
2024    Cambridge (UK); Vancouver (Canada); Auckland (New Zealand)
2025    Research Fellowship in Toronto (Canada)
2026    Auckland (New Zealand); Halifax (Canada)
2027    Cambridge (UK); Vancouver (Canada)


CWJ Short Fellowships

The Trustees also offer grants of £750-£1,000 to help young Consultant Otologists visit leading European Otology Clinics for a week of clinical observation and personal instruction, attached to an advanced Otology Course at the same institution.  Applications will also be considered from final-year ENT Specialty Registrars in the UK and Republic of Ireland who have passed the Intercollegiate FRCS and have a special interest in Otology.

‘Clinique Jean Causse’ in Béziers, France
– supervised by Professor Robert Vincent and his colleagues
– annually in June, grant £750
Clinic website                    Course webpage

‘Radboud University Medical Centre’ in Nijmegen, The Netherlands
– supervised by Professor Jef Mulder and his colleagues
– annually in February, grant £1,000
Clinic website                    Course webpage

‘European Institute for ORL, Sint-Augustinus’ in Antwerp, Belgium
– supervised by Professor Erwin Offeciers and his colleagues
– grant £750
Clinic website                    Courses website

Instructions for application are on the Applications page of this website.



All enquiries can be addressed to: