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Incorporating the Michael Cook Tinnitus Fund


The TWJ Foundation was founded in 1974 as a charitable trust with the specific aim of helping patients with deafness overcome their disability. The Foundation offers research and educational grants to otolaryngologists and other related audiological professionals working in the British National Health Service in order to achieve this goal.


Mission Statement
To promote the sciences of otology and audiology in order to help patients with deafness overcome their disability.


Each Year We Award:

  • Major Overseas Fellowship Grants
    These are open to ENT Specialty Registrars on numbered otolaryngology training programmes in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland: applicants must have passed the Intercollegiate FRCS but may be pre- or post-CCT by the time the Fellowship commences. These TWJ Fellowships are available for six months to one year in overseas university ENT departments to specifically supplement the otological training of the applicant. TWJ Fellowships are advertised in the July/August edition of ENT & Audiology News and on this website, and each specialty registrar also receives an e-mail notice advertising the Fellowships through ENT UK. Short-listed candidates are interviewed in December.
  • Short Fellowship Grants
    These grants are for recently-appointed Consultant Otolaryngologists working within the NHS with a specialist interest in Otology. They provide for a week of clinical observation and personal instruction at a leading European Otology Clinic, attached to an advanced Otology Course at the same institution. Applications will also be considered from final-year ENT Specialty Registrars in the UK and Republic of Ireland who have passed the Intercollegiate FRCS and have a special interest in Otology.
  • Conference & Educational Grants
    These grants may occasionally be offered to Otolaryngologists, ENT Specialty Registrars, Audiologists and Hearing Therapists who wish  to attend advanced otological courses and meetings.
  • Thesis Grants
    These grants may occasionally be offered to help support ENT Specialty Registrars in writing up an otherwise completed higher degree.
  • Requests for Help
    The Trustees welcome correspondence from any applicant who seeks help within the mission statement of the Foundation.
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David Wright
& Senior Trustee


Martin Bailey

Patrick Humphris

David Jobson
General Practitioner

Shakeel Saeed
Professor of Otology

Mark Wickham-Jones
Professor of Political Science

Christopher Aldren
Consultant Otologist

Musheer Hussain
Honorary Professor of Otology

Tom Wickham-Jones
Software Developer