1. Why a Data Protection Notice?

When the TWJ Foundation collects your information, we are required by law to be fair in notifying individuals about how their information will be managed and informing them of their rights, but more than that we want to be transparent, open and ethical in our practices.

This data protection notice provides information on how we use personal data.


  1. What type of personal data will the TWJ Foundation collect about me?
Data Type: What it is and Reason for Retention:
Prefix Title – Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Dr/Prof – Essential Application data
First Name Essential Application data
Surname Essential Application data
Home address Essential Application data
Present postal address Essential Application data for communications
Telephone / mobile Essential Application data for communications
Email Essential Application data for communications
GMC number To confirm that you are registered and have a licence to practice
Qualifications Essential Application data
Expected date of CCT Essential Application data
Date of Intercollegiate Examination Essential Application data


  1. How will the TWJ Foundation collect the information?

We will collect data directly from you (for example from an application form or by email).


  1. Where will my data be stored?

The TWJ Foundation’s information systems are located in the ENT UK Office in London and accessed by TWJ Administrative staff and the Executive Chairman of the TWJ Foundation.

The TWJ Foundation may need to access, use and store your data in certain circumstances for the purposes listed above, e.g. to communicate with you regarding your application.


  1. How do I keep my information up to date and accurate?

The only data that is published about you is your Fellowship Report which is uploaded to the TWJ website with your permission. Your name will also appear in the list of Fellowships/Grants awarded. If there are any mistakes, please contact the TWJ Secretariat at secretary@twjfoundation.org


  1. Will my data be given to anyone else?

The TWJ Foundation does not share applicants’ data.


  1. How long will my data be held for?

We will retain your data for as long as it is needed for the relevant purposes listed in the section ‘How does the TWJ Foundation use the information held on me?’

We may also retain certain records for legitimate reasons even after your TWJ Foundation Fellowship has ended. For example, financial records are required to be held for seven years.


  1. Is there a shorter version available?

We try to use plain language throughout but there is a lot of detail to communicate, which is important for you to understand.

If you want a summary of our approach to privacy, you should read our Privacy Policy.


  1. How does the TWJ Foundation use the information held on me?

We will only process personal data where we have a lawful reason to do so.

The basis for processing your personal data will vary depending upon the activity we collect it for. In some circumstances we may have more than one lawful reason for data processing.

The information below summarises the legal basis upon which the TWJ Foundation processes personal information:

  • Contract
    The TWJ Foundation processes personal data which is necessary for the performance of the application process
  • Legal Obligation
    The TWJ Foundation will comply with its legal obligations. These include, but are not limited to, providing personal information to statutory bodies when legally required.
  • Legitimate Interest
    The TWJ Foundation holds personal data in order to meet its legitimate interests as a professional organisation. These include, but are not limited to, processing data for activities such as Fellowship and other Grant applications.
  • Consent
    The TWJ Foundation retains and processes personal data only if you have provided your consent for it to do so.
  • Communications
    We may use your information to send you relevant communications regarding Fellowships or TWJ Foundation events.
    We will not pass your information on to other marketing providers and we will not sell your information to any third party.


  1. What about our website?

For information about cookies used on our website, please see our website Cookies Notice.

IP addresses
If you visit our website, we collect the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of your devices used to access the site which helps us monitor the level of activity and the service we provide. For more information, please see our website Cookies Notice.


  1. What rights do I have?

The rights of individuals are qualified (meaning they may not have these rights at all times, or in all circumstances), but generally speaking individual’s rights include:

  • the right of access or to obtain a copy of their information
  • the right to correction or updating
  • the right to complain
  • the right to object, block or put on hold processing
  • the right to be forgotten
  • the right of data portability to another provider


If you want to exercise one of these rights please get in touch at:

The Data Protection Officer
The TWJ Foundation
The Royal College of Surgeons
35 – 43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Alternatively, you can email secretary@twjfoundation.org, or call 020 7611 1735


  1. And if I want a copy of my information?

To access your information you can call or email our office.

Before providing you with your personal data, we may require confirmation of your identity or further information about the data requested to assist the TWJ Foundation to locate your personal data.

Please also let us know if you believe any data we hold to be inaccurate or if you have other concerns about our use of your personal data.

You can update your contact details by contacting the TWJ Foundation at secretary@twjfoundation.org


  1. Who can help me if I have a query?

For more information, or for further assistance with a more detailed enquiry, or if you want to exercise your rights, please contact secretary@twjfoundation.org



Date of last revision – October 2019.